The REAPANZ Board is the national governance body with both elected and appointed members. The Board is responsible for developing and implementing the Strategic Direction of the national level of REAP activity. It is both responsive to the needs of our member REAPs and the changing needs and priorities of our funders and the environments we operate in. Work is carried out through our Chair and members, specific working groups, reference groups and our Director of Development and Operations.




Governance Board 2015

Current membership of the REAPANZ National Board:

Mary-Jane Rivers Independent Board Member Appointed
Karen Johansen Independent Board Member Appointed
Ryan Morrison REAP Staff Board Member Elected
Peter McNeur REAP Staff Board Member Elected
Maraea Bellamy Hauhake Board Member Elected
Tim McMahon REAP Board Board Member Elected
Mark Chapman REAP Board Board Member Elected
Tracey Shepherd   Director of Development and Operations Ex officio


Working & Reference Groups
  • Contract Negotiating Working Group
  • Hauhake
  • Te Tiriti Working Group
  • Review & Evaluation Working Group
  • Early Childhood Education Reference Group
  • Schools Reference Group
  • Adult & Community Education Reference Group